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Importanta Dates:


 Election Ballots are Due May 30th - Please vote!  


Board of Directors Meeting         June 16th


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Ventura Townhall Event:

June 6, 2010

6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Woodland Hills - Maggiano's

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Looking for New Associates?


Chapter 2 maintains resumes of pediatricians looking for positions. If you are looking for someone to join your team, please contact us at




National Toddler           Immunization Month (May) 


This year's campaign, "iChoose", encourages parents to promote a lifetime of good health by ensuring their children receive timely vaccines. Our Chapter will be providing posters and campaign kits later this month to interested pediatricians in our area.



Immunization Week 


AAP California Chapter 2

Pediatric E-News

May 2010


Dear Dr. Green


Summer vacation may be right around the corner for our patients and their families but not for AAP-CA Chapter 2.  It's full steam ahead for multiple projects and we need your help on a few of them. 

  • 1st, May is National Immunization Month and we joined forces with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to promote infant and toddler immunization.  An important corollary to this is AAP-CA District IX sponsored legislation, AB 2093, that will mandate adequate vaccine reimbursement by health plans.  Contact your legislators now to urge movement of this bill out of the Appropriations Committee. 
  • 2nd,  the Chapter will concretely tackle the issue of obesity through its promotion of National Walk to School week in October and is working with the Committee on Injury Prevention to address the safety angle as well.  We are hoping to make this a real community activity and would appreciate you encouraging your families and local schools to participate.   
  • 3rd, we're about to award one $1,000 and two $500 scholarships to three deserving high school students to help them on their way to a career in the health sciences.  I know many of us were the beneficiaries of similar awards throughout our educational careers, and it is your dues support that makes this and all of our Chapter activities possible.  Thank you in advance for renewing your Chapter membership.
  • Finally, voting started May 1st for the new Board of Directors and you should have received either an electronic or paper ballot by now.  Please support our excellent slate of candidates and take 10 minutes to cast your vote.   


Once all that is done, I'll let you rest for the summer.  Enjoy. 

Mary L. Doyle, MD, FAAP
President, AAP-CA Chapter 2


Advocacy Update

Chapter 2, along with the 3 other California AAP Chapters, comprise AAP-CA District IX and a portion of each Chapter member's dues supports District IX functions.  One of the most important of these functions is statewide advocacy, and the non-profit status of District IX allows for advocacy activities not permitted under the Chapter's 501c3 structure.   When it comes to issues facing California, we have a major advantage when we speak as the united voice of 6000 pediatricians. 


However, there are times when District IX needs the added support of your individual voice as a pediatrician, a parent and an advocate.  Currently and urgently, the District Office needs your support for a bill put forward in conjunction with CMA. AB2093 calls for insurance plans to set a reasonable floor for vaccine acquisition cost reimbursement and would require health plans to pay a reasonable fee for vaccine administration. While the bill passed through the Assembly Health Committee on April 6, 2010 it is now being held in Assembly Appropriations. Click here to view a copy of the bill.



Because this bill would affect you directly, it is very important that your representatives hear from you directly about the importance of the bill.  We have developed the attached template letter for you to urge Assembly Appropriations members to move AB 2093 off of its holding position (known as the suspense file) for a vote.


Appropriation members in our Chapter area include, Fuentes (Chair), Conway (Vice Chair), Bradford, Davis, De Leon, Hall and Miller. Please go to to identify which Assembly person is in your district and take action now. You can call or write them [TEMPLATE LETTER] now to urge them to move AB 2093 off of suspense.
All letters help, but this is particularly important if you have a personal relationship with your Assembly member or their staff.


Walk to School Wednesdays

AAP-CA2 is in the planning phases of developing a "Walk to School Wednesdays" awareness program as part of our efforts to develop programs related to obesity prevention. Members Dr. Tracy Zazslow and Dr. Corinn Cross are leading the charge in this effort, which will encourage LA area schools to participate in the international Walk to School Wednesday on October 6th 2010.

We are looking for other members who might be interested in helping to reach out to schools or develop similar awareness programs in other counties this Fall. If you're interested in learning more, please send an email with the subject: Walk to School Wednesdays to


National Announcements

National AAP Positions Available: Editorial positions are now open on the Hospital Pediatrics Editorial Board and publications, including:

  • Editor-in-Chief - Hospital Pediatrics Editorial Board - Click here for nomination directions and requirements. Nominations must be received by June 14 at 4:30 CST.
  • Associate Editor - Editorial Board - Click here for nomination directions and requirements. Nominations must be received by June 25 at 4:30 CST.

CATCH Grant Applications are now available:  The 2011 CATCH Planning Funds and Cycle 1 Resident Funds Call for Proposals and online application are now available. The information can be found at these links.




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