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Congratulations to the AAP's 2011 Resident Research Award Winners Joanna Yeh, MD - UCLA and the founders of LATCH NOW Jonathan Goldfinger, MD, MPH and Christine Bottrell, MD, MPH - CHLA!  

Resident Research Awards 


The awardees (pictured here) presented their work during the June AAP-CA2 board meeting. Derek Wong, MD, Chair of the Committee on Service, Education recognized the residents for their outstanding research and advocacy! 

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June 21st 9 a.m - Access and Continuity in the Medical Home Setting: Enhancing Continuity of Care in Your Practice Through 21st-Century Communication 


June 28th 12 p.m. - The Challenge of Vaccine Refusals in the Community

AAP California Chapter 2

Pediatric E-News
June 2011

Dear Dr.

Summertime-and the schedule just keeps staying busy!  As the weather finally warms up here in Southern California, the heat has been on our legislators in Sacramento for several weeks as they struggle to balance a budget. See below for an update on where we stand - this week.


Your AAP-CA2 Chapter Board has also had to deal with some budget shortfalls for our fiscal year and has made some difficult decisions to balance our 2011-2012 budget.  We are going forward with an investment in Strategic Planning in order to place the Chapter in the best possible position to continue to be the expert source of what is right for children and families.  We are counting on your input during this process, whether you are an active member of one of the Chapter committees or simply remember us when you get our newsletters and e-mails.  We are working to be more relevant to you at whatever stage in your career you happen to be.


For many of you, its time to renew National and Chapter dues. Paper invoices from National are delayed, so please renew your membership online today! Your dues fund important programs and educational opportunities nationally and locally and we appreciate your support!


Laura Mabie, MD, FAAP

President, California - Chapter 2


California Budget Update ... what budget?

With Governor Brown vetoing the submitted budget on June 16th, California is once again overdue for a balanced budget. AAP-California has been working with pediatricitian advocates and partner organizations from across the state to protect children's health programs, like Healthy Families. And the work will continue as we go back to square one with California's budget.  


Your voice is important! As the budget process continues, please stay tuned for updates on how you can help ensure children's health issues stay at the top of the priority list in legislature. Visit: for updates on what California Pediatricians are doing to save benefits for kids!

To scan or not to scan?

During the most recent AAP-CA2 Townhall meeting in Studio City (Hosted by Member-at-Large, Paula Whiteman, MD and Area Representative, Kenneth Saul, MD), participating pediatricians had a lively discussion on the radiation side effects of computed tomography scans and when to use - or not use - them.


Given the interest among the group, we've compiled some information for you regarding this topic and we hope it will help you the next time you're faced with the looming question - to scan or not to scan?


Click here to read about the Pros and Cons of CT Scans and X-Rays, including:

- About X-Rays and CT Scans

- Advers Effects of Radiation

- Parent Requests vs. Safety

- Pros and Cons of both


Relevant AAP Articles:

- Radiation Risk to Children from Computed Tomography

- Consider Risks and Benefits before Ordering a CT Scan


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