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Free Underage Drinking Resources 


Whether a physician, school personnel, or member of law enforcement, preventing underage drinking is a community-wide problem that requires a coordinated, community-wide solution.The Drug-Free Action Alliance developed a new campaign 'Parents Who Host Lose the Most' to draw awareness about the dangers of party hosting during the summer


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CMS is pleased to announce that through Medscape Education, you now have the opportunity to achieve CME credits by learning more about the Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs.

Best Practices in Adolescent Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Webinar


Wednesday, July 27

2:00 - 3:30 p.m. CT


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This webinar will address adolescent tobacco prevention and cessation in the clinical and community setting.


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AAP California Chapter 2

Pediatric E-News
July 2011

Dear Dr.

 Summer is in full swing. Kids are enjoying the warmth, parents are preparing for the 405 closure and hopefully you're all able to take some time for yourselves this summer. 


While others are camping, swimming and picking up their summer reads, the Chapter is busy preparing for our strategic planning process. We met this week to finalize the design, and we are excited to hear from each of you this summer as we take a deeper look at how we can support pediatricians in the years to come. 


With the busy summer time, many of our patients are losing sleep (and possibly many of us). Check out our article below on summer sleep patterns for some tips to share with parents about kids and helping them sleep this summer. 


We're now accepting articles for our next printed newsletter Pediatric News and we would love to hear about your projects, research and opinions on pediatric care.  


Laura Mabie, MD, FAAP

President, California - Chapter 2


StrategicThe Times are Changing - So Are We 

Strategic Planning Update 

The rapidly changing health care landscape means that you and the children you serve will face a new set of challenges in the years to come. Chapter 2 is dedicated to developing a strategic vision and plan to address your specific needs and help you and our communities continue to provide the best care to children.


Our goal, through research and strategic planning, is to determine how we can increase our relevance as advocates for pediatricians and children during this time of change.


Chapter leadership met this week to finalize the strategic planning design, which includes outreach to members, non-members, community partners and leaders. 


Your input is vital!

We have designed a process that is built around input from YOU. We will be distributing surveys and conducting focus groups in August to gather insights and perspectives from pediatricians, our members and the community and we want to hear from you


If you have specific feedback you would like to share, please contact our Executive Director, Marissa Green at for information on how to participate in a focus group or phone survey. You can also send general ideas and suggestions to with the subject line "strategic planning." 


Thank you in advance for your support during this process. We look forward to sharing more with you next month.

SummerSummer Sleep Patterns 

With summer comes family vacations, fun activities and, of course, the inevitable later bedtime for children.  Yet studies show that this disrupted sleep schedule is not in the best interest of the child. 


Especially over the summer, children can be busy with camps, trips and activities with friends; it is important to keep busy, not over-busy.  Studies show that children still need 9 hours of sleep during summer. Less sleep may lead to crankiness, learning problems and even depression. 


Here are some easy tricks to share with parents who are at a loss for how to combat such a problem: 

  • Cooler temperatures (68° to 72° is ideal)
  • Darker rooms 


  • Talk with children before bedtime to diffuse tension and reduce anxiety
  • Baths before bed 
  • Reduced caffeine 
  • Less technology 
  • Avoiding jetlag 


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