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Pertussis ALERT 


The pertussis epidemic continues in California, with increased cases and deaths this month. Please check our Web site for the most updated alerts and recommendations


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- Pertussis Summary Report (8/10/2010)


Broadened Vaccination    Recommendations  (7/19/2010)




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AAP California Chapter 2

Pediatric E-News

August 2010


Dear Dr. Green


Your Board and staff continue to make progress over the summer.  We are gearing up for a busy fall and want to bring you the information you need to get involved with your Chapter. 


Please consider talking to your local school's PTA/principal about Walk to School Month (October) and especially, Walk to School Wednesday on October 6, 2010.  We have resources for you to use.

Dr. DuPlessis, Marissa Green, and I recently attended the Joint District Meeting in San Diego.  There we met with leadership from the other California Chapters, National AAP, and from District X which includes Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Puerto Rico.  It was fascinating to learn from each other and to get a chance to meet the two candidates for President-Elect of the AAP. 

  • Voting is open now!  Please exercise your right to help choose our national spokesperson.  There is plenty of information about the two candidates on the AAP website along with the mechanics of voting (  This year, you may vote electronically or by phone.  Let me know if you need help with any of this.  Don't complain-VOTE!

The District meeting was also used to help showcase some of the programs National AAP has for its members.  Please see our article about these below.

Lastly, please continue to protect your newborns from pertussis by encouraging the adults and adolescents in their environment to get TdaP.  The epidemic continues to grow.

Laura Mabie, MD FAAP
President, California Chapter 2


It's time to walk to school!

Obesity is quickly becoming one of our nation's fastest growing epidemics. California is experiencing the detriment of this disease first-hand as our children and families struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In an effort to help fight this growing disease in Los Angeles, AAP-CA2 is working with the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Safe Routes to School Program to increase awareness about Walk to School Month (October) and Walk to School Wednesday (October 6).

This fall, children will be going back to school and many will opt to ride the bus or take a ride from a parent or friend, rather than getting exercise by walking to school, but we can help change that. As part of our commitment, AAP-CA2 is developing tools for pediatricians to use to help patients understand the importance of exercise on a daily basis and how walking to school can help children and families combat obesity. Information about how to walk to school safely and discussion points for educating parents and kids is available for all interested pediatricians - please click here for more information and contact us to get involved. (


Resources for YOU!

During the Joint District meeting, Leaders of Chapter 2 heard from various leaders at the National level. Within these presentations, several online resources were brought to our attention that we want to be sure you're aware of. These helpful tools may be the link to information you've been searching for. 

  • Practice Management Online - Through funding from Wyeth, National AAP has developed a comprehensive practice management Web site that is FREE to all AAP members. The site includes tips on coding, organizational platforms for your office, and a plethora of information for you, your staff and partners.
  • Federal Affairs Web site - One of the driving forces behind National AAP is it's Federal Affairs department located in Washington DC. In an effort to help pediatricians get connected on National advocacy issues, the department developed a tailored Web site where you can register to receive information specific to your Senators and Congressperson. The site also includes a rapid-response function that allows members to send emails to their legislators directly from the site.
  • YP Connection - Residents, medical students, Trainees, Fellows and Young Physicians are the future of Pediatrics. With that in mind, the SOMRTF and the Section on Young Physicians have joined together to create an online platform where they can share information and find resources.
  • - Looking for a place to send your parents for REAL information about kids health? is designed to provide accessible and accurate information to parents about important kids health topics. Be sure to register your information on the site for parents looking for a pediatrician!


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