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September 21 - AAP-CA2 Board Meeting


October 1 - Food for Change: Motivational Interviewing seminar from Be Lean VC in Ventura County. Click here.


October 5 - AAP-CA2 Townhall Meeting in Woodland Hills


October 6 - Seminar on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders at Harbor - UCLA


October 13 - Be Our Voices Advocacy Summit on Obesity - Click Here


October 21-23 - Orange County Advances in Pediatrics Meeting - Click here.

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American Academy of Pediatrics, California - Chapter 2           August 2011 E-Newsletter

Dear Dr.  

Summer is winding down, just in time for fall to pick up. Students are returning to school and we are working with the California Departments of Public Health to provide the support and resources you need to help patients obtain pertussis boosters and verification for schools. The first article below provides information from a recent survey of providers, and links to new resources from LA County. 

This month marks an important time for Chapter 2's strategic planning process and your input is crucial. We've included a link to our strategic planning survey here and we hope you will take a moment to fill it out, if you haven't already. Your input will help us determine our primary goals for the next three years. 

Also, don't miss the August update on AAP-CA advocacy efforts for pediatricians and children in California. 

We are constantly amazed by the role Facebook and social media play in our lives, and an article below looks at the way Facebook may be affecting children's development. 

Please also note the save-the-dates in our events section. We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming meetings.



Laura Mabie, MD, FAAP

President, California - Chapter 2
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Pertussis Booster School Immunization Requirement Update and Resources 

The new pertussis booster school immunization requirement is now in effect. This law requires students entering 7th-12th grade to show proof of an adolescent pertussis booster (Tdap) shot to attend school in the 2011-2012 school year. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Immunization Program thanks AAP, California Chapter 2 and its members for their efforts to prepare adolescents for this new requirement and protect them from pertussis, as the statewide epidemic continues.    


Thanks are also due to the nearly 100 providers who completed the Program's "Pertussis Booster School Mandate" survey. The survey helped the Program to better understand the steps that physicians have taken to prepare their adolescent patients for the mandate and identify knowledge gaps and requested resources. Ten lucky respondents won $20 gift cards to acknowledge their time. Please click here to view the update: August 2011 Pertussis Booster Mandate Updates and Resources for key survey results, resources that survey respondents requested, and answers to the questions that respondents frequently missed. 


We heard what you needed! Take advantage of the following resources requested by respondents: 

Facebook and its impact on our children

Several researchers, psychologists, doctors and parents want to know - is Facebook good for our kids? 


The research offers varied results. Some studies show a decline in grades for students who over-use Facebook, while others indicate that using Facebook may be associated with an increased feeling of depression and anxiety. 


Other studies however, have shown encouraging results that lead researchers to believe that Facebook may not be all bad. 


Click here to see more about research from psychologist Dr. Larry Rosen from California State University, Dominguez Hills on a new phenomenon known as "virtual empathy" from Facebook. 


For more information on this topic please click here

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