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Congratulations to Beverly Wood, MD, M.S. Ed., Ph.D.!
Congratulations go out to Beverly Wood, MD, M.S. Ed., Ph.D.  She was awarded the AAP Education Award at the recent NCE in Boston.  Dr. Wood is Professor Emerita of Radiology and Pediatrics at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California.  The award recognizes a member of the Academy whose career reflects educational contributions that have had a broad and positive impact on the health and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults.
 Dr. Wood chairs the Committee on Pediatric Education and is an editorial board member of PediaLink and Pediatric Care Online.  Chapter 2 is proud to call Dr. Wood a member. 

AAP - California Advocacy Update 


AAP- California had many successes in advocating for children's health care this year!


Click here our Year-End Advocacy Summary by Kris Calvin 






February 2nd-  Town Hall Meeting on Precocious Puberty (keynote speaker: Dr. David Geller) and the hottest topics of the quarter affecting practicing pediatricians


6:30PM at Bistro Garden- Studio City, CA



May 3rd-6th, 2012- 

 AAP-CA2's Advance in Pediatrics Las Vegas Seminar

 See flyer for details


Each year the AAP-CA2 Committee on Service, Education and Mentoring awards two residents a $500 stipend for outstanding research. 

Click here to learn more and meet the deadline of January 23rd.
PROS Teen Driving Study
PROS is looking for practitioners to participate in the study "Translating an Effective Teen Driving Program for parents to Primary Care. 


PROS will provide ALL supporting materials. Practitioners will only need to deliver the study to patients' parents. 

Contact PROS for information on how to join the study and to become and PROS Practitioner!
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American Academy of Pediatrics, California - Chapter 2           December 2011 E-Newsletter

Dear Dr.  

As the year winds down, Chapter 2 has continued to be busy.  In this edition, you will find reports on the recent symposium held by the Los Angeles Healthcare Provider Alliance for Children (LA-HPAC) at Children's Hospital.  There is also information on the new statue requiring private insurance coverage of some forms of behavioral therapy for children with autism.  We expect to have more specifics on this over the next few months.


In the bustle of the holiday season, try to find a few moments of tranquility for yourself.  The Board of Directors of Chapter 2 wishes you peace, health, and happiness in 2012.

Laura Mabie, MD, FAAP
AAP - California, Chapter 2

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ResultsLA-HPAC's 1st Annual Child Health Policy Symposium was a huge success!

LA-HPAC hosted its first annual child health policy symposium on November 14th at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Thank you to all those who attended and made the
 symposium such a success. A special thanks to the presenters for keeping the coalition informed on the current state of child health policy. Our presenters and their talks were as follows:

  • Katrina Kubicek, USC Office of Community Engagement - Results from the Children's Health Insurance Community Health Survey assessing knowledge and attitudes on universal health insurance for children.
  • Senator Ed Hernandez, California Senate District 24 - Health care reform and the future of health policy in California. The Senator's four priority areas are: (1) implementation of the federal health care bill, (2) providing the same services with fewer dollars, (3) addressing workforce shortages, and (4) reducing health care costs for the consumer.

Speakers on the Health Reform Panel included:

  • Dr. Alexander Li, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services -  Increasing patient enrollment into Health Way LA.
  • Ashley Cohen, Insure the Uninsured Project - California's timeline for implementing the Affordable Care Act and its impact on children.
  • Nancy Gomez, Health Access - California's need for the Affordable Care Act and how the act would impact California's existing health care system.

California Children's Services presentations:

  • Dr. Mary Doyle, California Childrens Services - Quality assurance and funding from the federal, state, and county.
  • Erin Givans, California's Specialty Care Coalition - Public policy and advocacy for children with special needs and the impact of the state and federal budget on services for children with special needs.
  • Dr. William Arroyo, Los Angeles Department of Mental Health - Existing mental health programs for children and funding issues affecting mental health service.

Because of the many different speakers that took the time to give presentations on many children's health issues, attendees were able to gain different perspectives from all sides of the spectrum, ranging from health care providers to an elected official. Gaining this knowledge was very beneficial and informative, especially with the increasing number of cuts to health and human services throughout the State. The LA-HPAC Symposium focused on the overarching theme of advocating for universal health coverage for children, while sharing the successes, challenges, and perspective on the future of children's health care.


Coalition members that were in attendance include: UCLA Pediatric Residency Program, Health Access, AAP-CA, AAP-CA Chapter 2, Maternal and Child Health Access, and the LA County Department of Public Health-Maternal, Child, Adolescent, Health Division.

Fit to Play & Learn

AAP-CA2 is partnering with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School Nurses Act to Prevent Obesity (SNAPO) to champion a childhood obesity prevention program,
Fit to Play & Learn. The brand new program will teach low-income 4th and 5th graders and their parents ways to integrate healthy food, healthy drinks choices, and physical activities into their daily lives.
We are currently taking donations to fund this program. Thank you for your support! 

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Autism Insurance Coverage Act (SB 946): What does this mean for providers?


Family Voices of California hosted a webinar on the Autism Insurance Coverage Act, which focused on what this new legislation will mean for families in California. During the one-hour webinar, the speakers focused on the many implications and challenges for California's families that are affected by Autism and other Pervasive Development Disorders (PDDs). Kristin Jacobson, one of the webinar speakers and cofounder of  Autism Deserves Equal Coverage, was the principal advocate involved with SB 946, which helps prevent health insurance providers from avoiding autism coverage by specifying "various mental illnesses" to include PDD and Autism.


SB 946 covers fully-funded/state regulated plans, which includes 62% of California. This includes HMOs, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and various other PPOs. SB 946 does not cover Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, CalPERS, and Federally-regulated plans. Regulation under SB 946 will take effect in July 2012 and sunsets in July 2014. It was stated in the webinar that the federal benefits package, which will come into action in 2014, will most likely include behavioral disorders, so it might not be necessary for the state to extend SB 946.

The webinar gave some tips for health care providers for transitioning into coverage under SB 946:

  • Consider joining insurance networks, as many plans are building networks
  • Establish insurance billing expertise
  • Learn insurance terminology and medical standards
  • Begin treatment planning for insurance

AAP-CA2 plans to provide members with more specific information regarding this new coverage as it becomes available.  Many details have yet to be determined, such as qualifications of providers of therapy and lengths of any therapy trials. We would like to thank Family Voices of California for presenting the free webinar and hope that our members will participate in future information sessions that directly concern the health of our children.








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