Immigrant Youth Task Force
About this Toolkit

This toolkit was created to provide a centralized list of resources for recently arrived immigrant youths and their families in Los Angeles County. It is intended as a provider-facing resource, with information for medical providers, social workers, case managers, teachers or school officials and anyone else who may work with immigrant youth and families.

Update: March 16, 2021

The resources listed in this toolkit were last verified and updated February, 2021. Many of these resources have been added to One Degree, a free interactive resource platform that verifies contact information every 6 months. Please click HERE to check out our page on One Degree for our corresponding resource lists and/or the individual website for the resource for the most updated information.

This toolkit was compiled by a dedicated group of volunteers made up of students, faculty, and staff from the Immigrant Youth Task Force at UCLA in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics California-2 (AAP CA-2) Chapter Immigrant Health Committee. It was made possible by generous funding from the Pritzker Center for Strengthening Children and Families. The recommendations and resources were compiled and reviewed by undergraduate and graduate students, physicians, mental health care practitioners, and lawyers, with a full list available on our Acknowledgements page. We would like to thank the National AAP Special Interest Group on Immigrant Health for their creation of an initial toolkit, and the DC and Kentucky branches of the AAP for the creation of their local toolkits, all of which served as a model for ours. 

How to Use This Toolkit

Find your Service Planning Area or “SPA” by entering a ZIP code and clicking “Search”. Your SPA will help you find the resources most relevant to your geographic location.

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Connect patients and their families with helpful resources vetted by our team of volunteers. Print your resource list for personal use or distribution.

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We have organized resources based on Service Planning Area, or SPA. View Los Angeles County divided into 8 SPAs on a map, and search for your ZIP code to locate SPA.

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We hope that this toolkit will provide a useful list of resources, but we recognize that given the breadth of the toolkit and the size of Los Angeles County, our list is not comprehensive. 

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