Bill Number: AB 329

Name: Bail.

Author: Bonta (Now CA Attorney General)

Description: This bill would require bail to be set at $0 for all offenses except serious or violent felonies, violations of specified protective orders, battery against a spouse, sex offenses, and driving under the influence. Would ensure that individuals do not remain behind bars pre-trial simply because of their inability to pay bail.

Location 4/21/21: In Assembly appropriations committee, hearing cancelled at the request of author.

Priority (1-3)

Recommended Position: WATCH

Bill Number: AB 413 

Name: Foster youth: housing. (This text is an example of pasting straight onto webpage section)

Author: Ting (D-19)

Description: This bill continues funding for housing navigator programs that help youth aged 18-21 secure and maintain housing. Special emphasis will be placed on housing youth who were formerly in the foster care and probation systems. Would also establish the Transitional Housing Program (THP)-Plus Housing Supplement Program, which would provide up to 11 counties additional funds to supplement rent for the most expensive areas in CA. (This text is an example of pasting into the Edit Text Editor)

Location: 5/20/21: Held under submission in the committee on appropriations


Recommended Position:

Bill Number: AB 417

Name: Rising Scholars Network: justice-involved students.

Author: McCarty (D-7)


This bill authorizes the California Community College Chancellor’s Office to establish a grant program within community colleges, known as the Rising Scholars Network, to enter into an agreement with 50 community colleges to provide additional funds for services in support of postsecondary education for formerly and currently incarcerated students.

Location: 5/28/21: In Senate; 7/07/21: Passed committee on education and referred to committee on appropriations

Priority: 1

Recommended Position: SUPPORT

Bill Number: AB 470

Name: AB 470

Author: Carillo (D-51)

Description: This bill expands MediCal coverage to low-income seniors and people with disabilities by eliminating the MediCal asset test, which are a set of rules that restrict MediCal eligibility based on an individuals assests/savings ($2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a couple). Individuals under 65 do not have an asset limit to qualify for Medicaid services, per the Affordable Care Act. Currently, the asset test leads individuals to spend their savings in order to qualify for MediCal, which is overall cost-saving when compared to the private insurance they’re forced to purchase. However, this places vulnerable individuals at financial risk in long-run.

Location: 5/28/21: In Senate; 7/15/21: In committee on appropriations.

Recommended Position: 1

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