AAP-CA Chapter 2 Benefits


  • The health industry is changing and the pace in Sacramento is constantly moving. As a member of Chapter 2, your voice as a pediatrician can be heard through the State Government Affairs committee.
  • Do you have an issue or research interest? Chapter 2 offers the network and logistical support to help bring your ideas to life!


  • Do you have an issue or research interest, but need support? Chapter 2 offers the network and logistical support to help bring your ideas to life.
  • As a Chapter 2 member, you’ll receive town hall meeting invitations. These meetings are held regularly throughout our service area, featuring guest speakers, presenting topics of pediatric interest.


  • Gain access to CME meetings at a discounted price.
  • Receive Peds@CA2 eNews, a monthly newsletter with articles of interest and upcoming events.
  • Gain access to area MOC projects and local experts with experience in obtaining Part IV of the ABP’s MOC.
  • Maintain your certification.


  • Participate in chapter activities and committees that support your areas of interest.
  • Engage in AAP leadership positions and apply for CATCH grants.

Annual Membership

Please see the membership categories below before making your selection.

AAP- CA2 Annual Membership

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Which Membership Level is Right For Me?


Candidate Fellow

  • You are considered a Candidate Fellow when your Board Certification is in process.
  • Once you become Board Certified (FAAP) your membership may be upgraded to Voting Fellow.

Voting Fellow

  • You may join the Chapter as a Voting Fellow if you are a Fellow, or a Specialty Fellow of the AAP (FAAP).
  • Voting Fellows become voting members of California and may vote in Chapter elections.

Chapter Affiliate

  • Chapter Affiliates are physicians who are not Fellows of the AAP (such as Pediatricians and Family Physicians who are not members of the National AAP, Child Psychiatrists, Public Health Physicians, etc.) but who are licensed to practice medicine and who have had the training and experience to qualify as having a basic interest in pediatrics.
  • Chapter Affiliates are not entitled to vote in Chapter elections or hold office.

Chapter Associate

  • Chapter Associate Members are non-physicians, licensed professionals (such as Child Psychologists, Pediatric Dentists, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and Licensed Clinical Social Workers) who are not AAP Fellow Members, who have training experience and a basic interest in children.
  • Chapter Associate Members seeking membership shall be nominated by an AAP-CA Chapter 2 member, their membership application shall be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, and are not entitled to vote in AAP-CA Chapter 2 elections or hold office.