AAP-CA2 & Refugee Health Alliance Training Webinar: Writing Medical-Legal Letters in Support of Humanitarian Parole

Date: Wednesday, February 9th

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM (PT)

The Refugee Health Alliance is in need of pediatricians to help write medical parole letters for pediatric patients at the border with serious medical problems and who need immediate medical attention

Dr. Romina Kim and Dr. Hannah Janeway will be going over letter preparation, data gathering, and letter templates.

Refugee Health Alliance Vision Statement

To provide ethical, holistic, and culturally-inclusive care and advocate for all displaced and vulnerable populations in collaboration with activists and existing healthcare organizations along the US-Mexico border.

Refugee Health Alliance Vision Statement

The Refugee Health Alliance (RHA) was organized in 2018 in response to increasing medical need at the US-Mexico Border. 

  • Patients receiving care are:

    • Vulnerable and marginalized. They are families, children, pregnant women and LGBTQ individuals. They have been displaced, deported from the US, and politically and socially excluded. They are refugees and asylum seekers fleeing structural and non-structural violence. 

For more information on this training webinar, contact Dr. Romina Kim or Dr. Janeway