AAP-CA2 Newsletter Submission Guidelines

AAP-CA2 Newsletter Submission Guidelines

General Submission Guidelines:
All aspects of the article, including tables, illustrations, references, grammar, punctuation, usage, and scientific writing style, should be prepared according to the most current AMA Manual of Style (http://www.amamanualofstyle.com).

Formatting Requirements:

  • Times New Roman font, size 12, black text color
  • Single spaced
  • Maximum length: 2 pages including figures
  • Microsoft Word document (no PDFs)
  • Do not include page headers, footers, footnotes, or line numbers

At the end of your article, please include a short bio and photo. We recommend about 3 sentences or 50 words.

Example: Joseph Bruin, MD is a pediatrician in private practice in Westwood, CA. He is passionate about sports medicine and school health. In his spare time, Joseph likes to play basketball and football. Follow him on Twitter @JosephBruinMD.

Submit articles to “American Academy of Pediatrics – CA Chapter 2” <chapter2@aapca2.org>.  

The Chapter Newsletter Committee will be reviewing submissions on a rolling basis. The newsletter is published the second Sunday of each month.

New sections in the chapter newsletter starting August 2020 are highlighted below. Please consider submitting these articles if they are of interest to you.

Member Spotlight Articles: The Member Spotlight is written to highlight our chapter membership. Chapter members can submit personal narratives about themselves with a focus on how they maintain their physician wellness in the face of everyday struggles and challenges. Authors may also choose to highlight a practice, volunteer activities, QI projects, etc. The purpose of the spotlight series is to encourage and foster unity and support within the chapter. Please follow the general submission requirements including the formatting requirements and inclusion of a short bio and photo of yourself.

Suggestions for Member Spotlight: 

  • Name
  • Practice location:
  • Number of years in practice:
  • What do you do before work that sets the tone for your day?
  • What do you do to stay motivated during the day?
  • What are some challenges or struggles that you face at work? How do you work through these?
  • After work, what do you do for your own wellness?
  • From what/whom does your inspiration or motivation stem?
  • Wellness Tip: What would you recommend to our readership to take care of oneself?
  • Contact information to share? (email, twitter handle, etc)

Residency Corner Articles: The Residency Corner is dedicated to highlighting resident voices and providing an opportunity to find peer connections across the residency programs in the chapter. It is a space for residents to publish articles on their topics of interest. Submissions from all areas are welcome, including sharing ideas to stay socially connected during residency, describing personal hobbies or passions, highlighting resident research or QI projects, describing advocacy efforts, or providing advice and perspective on transitions during residency. The Residency Corner will rotate monthly to showcase a representative from each of the residency programs in the chapter. Please follow the general submission requirements including the formatting requirements and inclusion of a short bio and photo of yourself.

Rights of the Publisher: 

  • AAPCA2 has the right to use submitted work for reproduction, derivation, and distribution by sale, license, or other means. This includes adaptation for use with online publishing systems, syndication, and merchandising in print, electronic, and other media. Transfer of copyright does not constitute transfer of patent or trademark rights or rights to any process or procedure described in the work. Reproduction of the work, other than that outlined in rights to authors, requires permission of the publisher. A work falls under the public domain only if all authors are employed or working on behalf of the U.S. government at the time a study is conducted and prepared for publication.

Rights of Authors:

  • Patent and trademark rights and rights to any process or procedure described in the article;
  • The right to photocopy or make single electronic copies of the article for personal use, including for their own classroom use, or for the personal use of colleagues, provided the copies are not offered for sale and are not distributed in a systematic way outside of their employing institution;
  • Posting of a PDF copy of the article on a secure network (not accessible to the public) within the author’s institution is permitted;
  • The right, subsequent to publication, to use the article or any part thereof free of charge in a printed compilation of works of their own, such as collected writings, theses or lecture notes.
  • Submissions to the chapter newsletter can still be submitted to professional journals for publication.


  • Authors must disclose any potential or actual interests relevant to the topic(s) discussed in submitted articles. This policy is not intended to prevent authors with financial or other interests from publishing their work. However, it is the responsibility of the publisher to provide reviewers and readers with full disclosure to ensure scientific integrity. Disclosures will be shared in full with reviewers. Disclosures will be published with accepted articles if deemed appropriate by the editors. If no potential or actual interests are disclosed, a statement to that effect will be published.


  • All authors are responsible to ensure that information presented in a submission is accurate. We reserve the right to decline a submission if there is a significant conflict of interest.


AAPCA2 Newsletter Editorial Review Committee, 2020-2022

  • Sarah Gustafson, MD, FAAP
  • Pallavi Kamra, MD, FAAP
  • Nirupama Madduri, MD, FAAP
  • Christine Thang, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)