Mission Statement

We are pediatricians who feel a deep obligation to protect and improve the health of children by taking action to mitigate climate change and reduce families’ exposure to environmental pollutants. As the greatest health threat of our time, climate change impacts children and underserved communities most severely. Widespread education about and reduction of environmental pollutants are critical to reducing health burdens and disparities in our society. A rapid, just transition from fossil fuels to a healthy, more equitable society sustained by renewable energy is imperative. Through non-partisan research, education, collaboration with similar associations, and advocacy, we are dedicated to working to lessen the pace of climate change and make progress toward a healthier, more equitable society.


Priyanka Fernandes, MD
Karina Maher, MD

 “Our world needs more adults who speak truth to power, for our children.”

Aditi Mhaskar, MD
Trisha Roth, MD


Healthy Planet, Healthy Kids

The Smoke after the Fires
By Aditi Mhaskar, MD, FAAP, Priyanka Fernandes, MBBS, MPH, and Karina Maher, MD
Case: You are called to the emergency room to admit a 7-year-old girl for an asthma exacerbation. When you step into the room, you see that she requires oxygen and is having intercostal retractions. Her mom tells you that this is her first ER visit, and her asthma had been well-controlled with a low-dose of inhaled corticosteroids. However, the child had been enjoying the end of the summer by playing outdoors. Both you and her mom know the problem – Read More