Project Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) seeks to Democratize medical knowledge and get best practices to underserved people all over the world. This Telehealth ECHO Project is made possible through a grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Session 1 - January 21

Telehealth 101 During COVID (Successful Visit/Practice Workflow)

Mitzi Young & David Ford

Session 2 - February 4

Telehealth 102 (Legal Aspects/Coding- Billing/New Regulations)

Mary Jean Sage

Session 3 - February 18

Telehealth Platforms in Market/Technical Difficulties

Mitzi Young

Session 4 - March 4

Session 5 - March 18

Session 6 - April 1

Telehealth for Preventative Care

Social & Cultural Considerations While Providing Telehealth)

Telehealth after COVID-19

Natasha Doshi & Genia Fick

David Ford

David Ford